The new RECARO


Modular and distinctive: The RECARO Performance Seat Platform (RPSP) addresses OEM customers in a broad range of performance segments.



The RPSP is designed for sports cars or high-performance derivates of volume-production vehicles in all relevant performance segments that combine sporty performance with riding comfort and unique style. This includes both, luxury and compact performance SUVs and sedans.

On display there are two RPSP versions representing the RECARO platform approach:

Version one is an application for the Power Performance segment (compact and middle class).

Version two is a demonstrator with advanced design innovations, e.g. a visible, carbon fiber-woven backrest structure. This seat is aiming at the Luxury Power Performance segment.



Feedback from the Road

At the interface between human and machine, the RPSP allows the driver to „read“ the road. With a low H-point. With „crispy“, thin foam. With the necessary moving space for the arms. With a rigid seat structure. For „controlled thrills“.

Body Support

The RPSP provides a feeling of sitting „in“, not „on“ the seat. With a body-shaped structure. With pronounced, adjustable side bolsters for strong shoulder and torso support and for low body rotation. Shelters the body like a second skin. 



It shelters like a second skin. The RECARO Performance Seat Platform provides cutting edge comfort and ergonomic features to sit

  • supported: Pronounced side support on shoulder, torso, and thigh. Adjustable side bolsters at backrest and cushion.
  • ergonomically: Body-shaped structure with pronounced contouring for low body rotation.
  • comfortable: Different foam hardness/thickness zones. Balanced seat pressure and supporting surfaces.

It fits like a glove. The RECARO Performance Seat Platform is

  • body-shaped: „S-lined“ structure and anatomical contours.
  • sporty tight: Stiff structure and foam.



It upgrades interiors. The RECARO Performance Seat Platform provides world-renowned RECARO design and craftsmanship, both

  • unmistakably: RECARO branding and RECARO clean seat design for visual recognition. RECARO premium quality.
  • unique: RECARO puristic appearance. RECARO performance-oriented design.
  • classy: Hightech materials for premium haptic and with fitting accuracy.



It increases living room. The RECARO Performance Seat Platform provides more space and more opportunities for interior designs:

  • Optimized package: Slim backrest and low H-point offer more design freedom
  • Optical lightweight design: Slim contours. Integrated headrest. Light materials. Clean design.
  • Increased legroom for rear seat passengers: Slim backrest structure, thin performance foam.
  • Low block height: More room for battery packaging in electric vehicles.